Keep employees keen by treating them…well!

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Richard Branson.


This quote truly indicates the reason why some people are loyal and committed to the company they represent, whilst others just go to work to do a job and leave their loyalties at the door.

I strongly believe that hiring and keeping the right people is essential for a successful business. After all, businesses are run by people. When a company invests in employees with training to improve their performance and skill levels, it’s ultimately beneficial and cost effective in the long term as knowledge gives confidence to the employee and therefore they will go on to achieve so much more for the company.

Also giving your staff opportunities for progression empowers them to push forward knowing that their hard work will reap them personal benefits plus professional satisfaction and as a result of this the company will profit. Treat them well and give them the atmosphere where they can grow and achieve much more for themselves and therefore the company.

Your employees will want to stay working for your company as long as their personal and professional needs are being met with a good work/life balance.  Employees want to see the company they work for succeed and they want to be proud of what the company does as much as they want to be proud of what they as a person can accomplish within the business.

Employees stay with you for so much more than just great training. They stay with you because the culture is consistent with their values, the work environment is a fun one, they feel a sense of belonging, and they feel like the work they are doing is actually helping others. When you put all the factors above together plus employee benefits offered by the organisation, you create a wonderful formula that gives you employee loyalty and satisfaction.

Here at Morgan McKinley I have found I have been given so much training and knowledge that if I was to move on to another company I could do so with the training that any recruiter would love to have, but as Richard Branson has stated although you are given so much training why would you leave when the company you work for not only believe in you but invest in you.

Richard Branson finished his quote by saying ‘treat your people so well, they won’t want to leave when you’ve trained and developed them.’ By doing this, you will create a culture and climate that will encourage your team to stay loyal and committed.

Source: Keely Bitout –