Anyone who has lived in Solwezi for some time knows how difficult it is to connect with potential buyers or sellers of goods and services. With a highly mobile workforce in the mines, people often need to acquire or relinquish their goods quickly. Word of mouth is probably the best medium that currently exists. It’s actually not uncommon that buyers take advantage of your situation to leave in a hurry and drive a hard bargain.

It’s also almost always difficult to find the right skilled personnel for a job you might want done or services you wish to render. You might want to advertise special offers for you club, restaurant or band. Ask yourself a simple question. Where do you currently go to do that? The answer is, most likely, nowhere.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Necessity is what necessitated the launch of Solwezi.net. With this effective tool, you no longer have to suffer silently. You can advertise whatever you are selling or buying from the convenience of your PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Make sure it is legal, though! (Read the Terms of Use).  You can upload photos, you can search what you are looking for quickly and liaise with the advertiser directly. We do not get involved.

We invite you to test and see how valuable this medium could be. It’s free! In exchange, just make sure you let us know if there is anything we could improve. Thanks in advance. Contact us at admin@solwezi.net.

You can also buy items from our shop. You could pay for those through different means – PayPal, credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash on collection/delivery. Go to the “Shop” menu and browse through the goods.

Thanks again!